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Clear Advertising


Clear advertising delivers the most persuasive message to your clients.


The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales. It is not for general effect. It is not to keep your name before the people. It is not primarily to aid your other salesperson.

Treat it as a salesperson. Force it to justify itself. Compare it with other salespersons. Figure its cost and result. Accept no excuses which good salespersons do not make. Then you will not go far wrong.

Claude C Hopkins. Scientific Advertising. Published 1923.


Our Print Advertising.

Our print advertising delivers strong and clear messages in a clean and simple way. Uncomplicated. Powerful. Clear.

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Our TV Commercials.

All of our TV commercials include concept development, copy writing, filming, full production and Australia wide placement on any television network.

Our TVC for Cupid and Beau

Our TVC for the Griffith Dental Lounge

Our TVC for Livefit. The Griffith Movement

Our TVC for Ray White

Our TVC for Agrifac

Our TVC for Mars Campers at Blue Sky Outdoors

Our TVC for Central Butchery

Our TVC for JJ Farm Equipment featuring the Claas range!

Our TVC for Caesars Furniture

Our TVC for JJ Farm Equipment featuring the Amazone range!

Our TVC for Darche at Blue Sky Outdoors.

Our TVC for Shodhana

Our TVC for TJM products at Tallented Tyes

Our TVC for Leading Edge Computers

Our 2017 TVC for Griffith Dental Lounge

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