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Our Public Liability Insurance. Certificate of Currency. You're covered!



Why the commercial photographer you hire should carry public liability insurance.


Every year, most large companies that we work for, request we provide our certificate of currency for our public liability insurance and in some cases, we are asked to provide proof that we are covered by workcover. Which we do. Every year.

Many part time or new photographers to the commercial photography industry fail to insure themselves properly. Some through lack of experience; some through complete ignorance and others just take the risk.

So what could a photographer or videographer possibly do that could expose your business to legal action? Let's ask the question a different way. Would you let a tradesperson onto your work site or into your business that wasn't covered by workcover or hold their own public liability insurance? Who is going to cover the costs if the actions of that tradesperson, or in this case a photographer, injures one of your staff or perhaps one of your customers?

So who is liable if a photographer's drone falls out of the sky on your property or during your event onto a person? Who is liable if a photographer's instructions causes one of your staff or customers to slip and seriously injure themselves? Who is liable if that photographer injures themselves while working on your property or during your assignment or event?

Keep in mind it doesn't cost you anything to ensure that a photographer or videographer are properly insured before they start any assignment for you.

It might cost you a lot more if you don't.