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How Our Corporate Videos Engage With Your Target Audience at a Deeper Level.

Corporate videos are produced to engage and persuade the viewer. Not to entertain.  

We create corporate video and craft scripts designed to engage, influence and persuade your target audience. Your business is not in the entertainment industry. therefore, we create corporate video with purpose and measurable outcomes. Whether it's telling your business's story to a wide global audience or informing customers at a trade show. perhaps you're submitting a tender on a large project or creating a training or recruitment video?

 we produce corporate videos that work. 

Calabria Family Wines Corporate Video

Sunrice. 2017 harvest update.

Australian Rural Leaders Foundation

DeBortoli Wines. Award Entry Video

Griffith City Council. Timelapse construction.

Gundagai Meat Processing. Recruitment Video.

Berton Vineyards. Corporate Video.


How Our TV Commercials Drive Customers to Your Business.

your tv commercial is your on-screen salesperson. you are paying his wages and he will cost you big money if he isn't performing up to standard.  he is on television to PERSUADE YOUR CUSTOMER WHY THEY SHOULD be DOing BUSINESS WITH YOU. all within just 30 seconds.

Therefore, we spend time discovering and understanding what influences your customers decisions, which products and services deliver you the best profit margins then deliver the most engaging and persuasive tv advertising to match.



Central Butchery.

Griffith Dental Lounge

Tallented Tyres

Griffith Regional Theatre. 'Wicked.'

Mars Campers at Blue Sky Outdoors

Cupid and Beau.

Knockonwood Griffith

Cliche Face and Body

Caesars Furniture

TJM Products at Tallented Tyres

Darche Products at Blue Sky Outdoor


Why Our Internet Video is Perfect for a World Wide or Long Term Audience.

Don't just take our word for it. take a quick read of this excerpt from the Guardian in the UK.

"When it comes to potential reach, video is peerless. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month – that's more than any other channel, apart from Google. One in three Britons view at least one online video a week – that's a weekly audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone. Video can give you access to all this. Video done well can give you a slice of it. What other form of content can do the same?

The success stories of videos that have gone viral are legend. A recent campaign from Volkswagen, for example, saw a trio of its videos viewed a combined 155 million times. If such numbers seem out of reach for companies without 12-figure revenue streams, they at least demonstrate video's inherent share-ability. Engage viewers and they will share the video with others. They will spend longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand. For any social media campaign, any SEO exercise, video is without doubt one of the best tools in the kit."

Read the entire article here.


Riverina Regional Tourism.

Ray White Griffith

Riverina Regional Tourism.


Tyre Doctor

Yenda Preschool Kindergarten